Ramdaan 1438 is here!

Asalamu alaykum


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Dear readers, it is with great joy that we announce that Friday night 26 May 2017 marked the first night of Ramadan 1438AH and the first day of Ramadan 1438AH was Saturday 27 May 2017.

JazakAllah khair to the organisers at Taleem Institute for the pre-Ramadan event in May 2017 in Grays town. 

Among the reminders from Imam Khidr and Ustadh Mamun and other reflections:

1- If you fail to plan, then plan to fail. The sahabah Radi Allahu anhum prepared for Ramadan months in advance. DON’T LOSE HOPE, you can renew your intention now and start an action plan. Maybe set yourself to read 5 verses a day of Qur’an and gradually increase. Be positive and be proactive!

2- Cut back on the greasy foods and unhealthy diet. Eat healthy, and balance your meals, with carbohydrates, fibre and protein. Add some healthy fats and dairy too. Moderation is key. Stick to the sunnah regarding food!

3-Practice self-restraint. Guard our tongues and limbs from wrongdoing.


Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should talk what is good or keep quiet, and whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not hurt (or insult) his neighbor; and whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, should entertain his guest generously.”


4- Muslims are diverse, Allah created us in different colours and backgrounds, with different languages, so we may know one another. The honourable harbour Taqwa (God-conciousness/ awareness of Allah). We are from Adam and Eve (upon them be peace) at the end of the day, so let’s try to get together in Ramadan and revive the idea of community in Islam, which does not discriminate by race or other factors.

5-Increase your prayers, not just quantity, but quality, learn about the Salah and the meanings of what you recite.

6-Calculate your Zakaah (Zakat- obligatory poor-due charity, 2.5% of your wealth given each lunar year) and pay it in a timely manner, as best as you can. Zakaah is a primary pillar in Islam, which we must not neglect. For more on Zakaah, take a look https://www.nzf.org.uk/Knowledge 

May Allah, The Most Gracious Lord of all creation shower upon us His blessings, may He make us successful in this month and beyond, may He keep us sincere for Him alone, and may He help us adhere to the sunnah of His final prophet muhammad peace be upon him. And may Allah forgive our sins, may He reward us, and may He make us true believers, and those who truly worship and serve none but Him alone, The One, The Irresistable Creator, for He is The All-Powerful. May Allah abundantly bless His final prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. ameen


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RAMADAN 1436!!!

Asalamu alaykum

Alhamdulillah, with great delight, we welcomed the special month of Ramadan officially on Wednesday 17th June 2015 (first taraweeh prayers/first night of Ramadan) and Thursday 18th June 2015 was the 1st day of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah for Allah’s favours on us and that He permitted us to witness another Ramadan, The Month of the Qur’an.


We ask Allah, The Most Generous, to bestow His abundant mercy on us and grant us the ability to gain piety and to fast for His sake alone, and may He reward us and forgive us and keep us sincere and help us to hold fast to the Qur’an and sunnah in word and deed. May Allah keep us strong to serve Him alone, and may Jannat al Firdaus be our final abode, Allahumma salli wasallim ala nabiyyina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam! ameen! ya Rab al Alameen!


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Count down to Ramadan

In the name of Allah.

Asalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Dr Zakir Naik shares with us some words of wisdom from the Sunnah (teachings and sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)  in preparation for Ramadan. See what he has to say in the video:

(by the way, if you have missed fasts to make up from last Ramadan, be sure to make them up in these few days before this Ramadan starts in sha Allah)



May Allah the Most Merciful permit us to take advantage of each moment in Ramadan, and may He forgive us for He is the Perpetual Forgiver, The Oft-Forgiving, The Oft-Pardoning. And may Allah abundantly bless His final prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Ameen